Welcome to Big Wow Web Hosting

So you want to become a web host?

Just slightly over a $1 billion dollar market in 1999, the web hosting business has grown a remarkable 3500% to more than $36 billion...and continues to expand rapidly! The time to start in the web hosting business is now!

What do you get with the Big Wow resellers program?
As well as your allocated space and bandwidth, you also get free setup, free cPanel/WHM 10 and RVSkin, billing software for only $5 per month, the ability to resell reseller accounts and a free domain/SSL reseller account!

Why shouldn't I go with someone else?
With other web host do you have a no minimum length account, which is 100% whitelabel and has overselling enabled?! Will you be covered by the 3 guarantees, and will you get free nameservers and a free dedicated IP?

What can I offer my users?
You can offer them cheap shared and reseller web hosting with99.9% uptime, a free sitebuilder, $5.00 in Kanoodle credits, domain names, all of the features we offer and more!

What if I have a problem?
Then you are welcome to contact us via email, phone or live chat, to ask about technical problems or how to promote your business. Did you know you will also get a reply within 5 hours max if you send an email? You can also check the FAQs knowledgebase or the cPanel/WHM userguide

What else do I get?
You also get a 25% off voucher to spend at OnlyDemos on video tutorials for your users, a 10% off voucher to spend at template monster to make you website look professional, $5.00 in Kanoodle credits to make your website SEO friendly, and three free reports on how to make your web hosting business a success!

How much does it cost?
Less than you would think! You get all this for only $8.95 per month with The Little One, our smallest plan which offers 2GB space and 10GB bandwidth. If you need more space The One, has 5Gb space and 40GB bandwith for only $19.90 per month and for larger companies, get 10GB space and 70GB bandwith for only $34.90 with The Big One. Custom plans available on request!

That's great! How do I order?
Simply visit here to set up your account. It will take under 5 minutes, and your account will be reviewed and approved with 1/2 hour!

Can I see all the great features you offer in a handy table?
Of course- check out this page.

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